No Negotiation Until TPLF Gang Brought to Justice, Says State of Emergency Access to Information Secretary


Addis Ababa November 16/2020 (ENA) The government of Ethiopia has reaffirmed once again that there would be no negotiation until the rule of law is upheld and the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) gang brought to justice.

Briefing the foreign media today, State of Emergency Access to Information Secretary Redwan Hussien said "any mediation would incentivize impunity." So, any partner who wishes the holding together of Ethiopia and the government should support that the law of the land is upheld.

The secretary  pointed out that equating the government to any sub national entity that threatens the very existence of the country would actually elevate such impunity; and if impunity rises in Ethiopia the country would not exist.

According to him, any country should put itself in Ethiopia's situation. Any country would not allow an entity in a district which openly claims to have a rocket or missile and vows to attack  its headquarters, dismantle the country, and attack openly its defense forces.

Redwan also paused the question that is there a country in the world that sits down with such entities to negotiate? This simply incentivizes ungovernability, he underscored.

Stressing the need for understanding the context of the country, he said " this is not a matter of being averse to negotiation. It is not because we're averse to roundtable and civil cordial discussion; but until the rule of law is upheld, until the very gang is brought to justice, there is no way we can ensure civil order in any country and in Ethiopia."

Citing the short term operation as a crucial move for the overall stability of the nation, Redwan  said, "We are saying give us time because it is not going to take too much time; it would not last eternity. The operation is a very short operation the people of Tigray understand."

If Ethiopia sits with everybody that acquires rocket and missile; then everybody would be the ruler by himself. So no country could survive in such a manner, the secretary stressed.

Regarding the rumor that the visit of Deputy PM Demeke to Uganda is about negotiating with the TPLF junta, he said Uganda never attempted to mediate and Ethiopia also never asked Uganda or any neighboring country to mediate because the country's position is very much clear.

A mission was sent to Uganda and the entire region and particularly IGAD member countries to clarify the position of Ethiopia, Redwan added.

The visit has nothing to do with mediation. The delegation is actually interested in delivering the message of the prime minister to make the country's position clearer.

Ethiopian News Agency