Locust Have Damaged over 365, 000 Hectares of Farm Land: HPR Standing Committees Report


Addis Ababa November 16/2020 (ENA) Standing Committees of the House of People's Representatives (HPR) disclosed today that the desert locust which invaded different parts of the country in July has damaged crops on 365,015 hectares of land. 

Agriculture, Pastoralist and Environmental Conservation, and Foreign Relations and Peace standing committees jointly presented today their ten-day field observation report.

According to their report, 283,172 hectares of farmland that belongs to 499,505 farmers was damaged by locust swarms in Western and Eastern Harerghe Zones of Oromia Regional State.

The locust which attacked farmland in Oromo Special Zone, South Wollo, and North Wollo zones of Amhara Regional State damaged 81,843 hectares affecting 795,774 farmers.

Flood also destroyed 38,105 hectares of farmland in East Hararghe Zone and 5,359 hectares in West Hararghe Zone, according to the report.

Some 64,630 people were displaced by flood in 17 woredas of Afar Regional State.  

The field observation report further outlined strength and weakness in the effort to manage flooding and locust, and also put forward recommendations for stakeholders and the respective ministries to handle the disasters.

The committees recommended that respective ministries and stakeholders prepare recovery plans to rehabilitate the communities affected by flood and locust.

The report stressed the need for collaborative approaches of stakeholders to sustainably handle the problem and reduce damages of the disasters.

The committees further urged stakeholders to enhance relation and work with neighboring countries and international organizations with regard to locust invasion.

Ethiopian News Agency