Corporation Refutes TPLF’s Claim of Wolkait Sugar Factory Hit in Airstrike


Addis Ababa November 15/2020 (ENA) National Sugar Corporation on Sunday has deprecated TPLF’s claim of Wolkayit Sugar Factory shelling by airstrikes. 

It was to be recalled that the leader of the tyranny TPLF junta, Debretsion Gebremichael yesterday falsely claimed that Wolkait sugar factory was pounded by the government airstrikes.

Deputy CEO of the Corporation, Abreham Demisie told ENA that the anecdotal claim is part of TPLF’s desperate propaganda, which is totally baseless.

The sugar factory is owned and administered by the corporation, he said, adding that “there is no attack on the factory.” He denied the claims by TPLF junta as fictitious.

The tyranny TPLF clique is known to use propaganda messages to lure in seeking media attention on the top of dupe the public and the international community, he said.

Abreham noted that the defiant TPLF routinely resorts to the tradecraft false claims and propaganda to intimidate and seek control the people of Tigray.

Persistent pressure against the TPLF junta damages its false narrative and plans for broader destruction as the sham allegation on Wolkait sugar factory is proved fallacious.

The construction of Wolkait sugar factory was started in 2018 with the capacity to produce 4.84million quintal of sugar and about 41.6 liters of ethanol.

The Deputy CEO indicated that the construction of the sugar factory was delayed due to the fact that it was under the control of TPLF junta and problem in the whole design of the factory.

According to him properties of the constructors is being looted as some workers of the factory were taken away by the junta for its purpose.

The defiant TPLF group is currently spreading misinformation to confuse the public, it was learned.

Ethiopian News Agency