Top Official of TPLF Admits Attacking Northern Command


Addis Ababa, November 14/2020 (ENA) Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) junta has officially admitted that it attacked the Northern Command of Ethiopian National Defense Force in the Tigray Region.

The Ethiopia State of Emergency Fact Check said if there were any iota of doubt left on the malicious attack perpetrated by TPLF on our National Defense Forces, reading the English transcript of TPLF confession on the attack would clear the doubt.

Similarly, Aljazeera reported today that top official of the TPLF, Sekuture Getachew, has confirmed the federal government’s claim that TPLF forces sparked the conflict by attacking a military base.

In the English transcript of the video the Ethiopia State of Emergency Fact Check released, the top TPLF official said "... A small nation like Israel, surrounded by big Arab nations like Egypt who were being prepared to launch attacks against it, attacked first.

"Should we be waiting for them to take the first strike? Or take preemptive action to avert the looming war? Israel made surprise attacks against these forces and demobilized the enemy troops to successfully defend itself.

"It is a similar strategy that was used now. In the presence of 30,000 troops in Tigray, including four mechanized army divisions, and unitary forces lying to the southern part of the region and Isayas's forces along the northern border, should we be waiting for them to launch attacks first?

"No, it was imperative to take a thunder-like strike. If these attacks were not taken, Tigray now would not be in its present situation. We would not be talking like this now. There would be huge number of casualties."

It is to be recalled that the criminal TPLF clique attacked the Northern Command of the Ethiopian National Defense Force stationed in the region on 4th November 2020 unprovoked.

However, the junta has been denying the fact until the present admission by one of its top officials.

Following the premeditated and surprise attack, the Federal Government initiated a large-scale effective law enforcement operation in the region.

Ethiopian News Agency