Defense Minister Vows to Complete Operation against TPLF within Very Short Time


Addis Ababa November 11/2020 (ENA) The Defense Force will complete its mission to save the country within a very short time, Defense Minister Kenea Yadeta said.

Briefing the media on the current ongoing law enforcement activities in Tigray Regional State today, the minister said the army is well equipped for the operation.

He stated that "the strategy of the Defense Force is clear. It will fight 360 degrees with minimal loss to destroy targets from ground and air and liberate inhabitants of the region in a very short period of time.”

Taking into consideration the complexity of the operation and its abrupt nature, the time it took cannot be said long, the minister noted.

However, Kenea stressed that "the defense force will carry out their mission to save the country within a very short time." 

The speculation that the attack on the Northern Command has negatively affected the capacity of the army is far from the truth, he said, adding that the army is well equipped, strong, and capable of carrying out the operation.

On other hand, the government is working with regional states and security forces to take over the vacated areas when the army moves from certain areas of country to fulfill the mission, the minister stated.

The army will work carefully to ensure the safety of the people in its operations as the TPLF is a group that takes people as hostages to use them as human shield.

Ethiopian News Agency