Israeli Experts to Train over 300 Personnel on How to Fight Locust in Ethiopia


Addis Ababa November 11/2020 (ENA)  Six Israeli locust experts have arrived in Ethiopia with 27 surveying drones, 2 generators and many spray materials to train over 300 Ethiopians on how to fight locust infestations, Ministry of Agriculture disclosed. 

In a media briefing today, Agriculture Minister, Oumer Hussien said the anti-locust equipments and advanced appliances provided by the Government of Israel will contribute a lot to the fight against the locust spread in parts of Ethiopia.

The experts' practical training at the fields will also help build the system to control the pest with own experts and resources for the country, he said.

According to the minister, the experts who came up with anti-locust equipments and appliances, including 27 surveying drones with full accessories, 2 generators and spraying materials, will give practical training of field for over 300 personnel.

“The better thing as the experts told us is that it is possible to work at night; as locust is cold-blooded and sleeps at night it is efficient to fight the locusts at night. The experts will train over 300 persons at the locust affected fields,” the minister pointed out.

Israel’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Raphael Morav on his part said the exchange of expertise and application of the equipments would contribute to the experience sharing between the countries and the fight against the locusts in Ethiopia.

Head of the Israeli Locust Fighters Task Force to Ethiopia and Top Locust Expert, Yoav Mortro told ENA that effective fighting of locust requires specialized experts that are familiar with the pest and technology applications.

“We found in Israel that [which could be similar and applicable in Ethiopia] during the night, locusts hardly move and that is our time. We will use its weak point for our advantage in this combat against the locust, it’s like a war,” the expert said.

The drones will help to track the movement of the locusts until they go to sleep, then to deploy the logistics and resources to fight it throughout the night, he added.

The team comprises four experts, a logistics officer, drone pilot and scout, and spraying expert, will stay in Ethiopia for about two weeks.

Ethiopian News Agency