PM Abiy Holds Discussion with Macro-economic Committee


Addis Ababa October 21/2020 (ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has discussed today with macro-economic committee to evaluate the overall first quarter performance of the economy. 

The discussion focused on first quarter export earnings, inflation response measures, and government revenue and jobs performance. 

“In today’s macro-economic committee meeting, we have evaluated performance of first quarter export earnings, inflation response measures, government revenue and jobs performance,” Abiy wrote on his face-book page.

The meeting has also put in place targets and set directions for the next quarter based on key priorities set for the current year, it was indicated.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed during his briefing on Monday to the House of Peoples’ Representatives disclosed that Ethiopia has registered a 6.1 percent economic growth in the past fiscal year that ended on July 8, 2020 despite the global pressure posed by COVID-19 pandemic.

The Nation’s GDP has also reached 107.4 billion USD and surpassed 1000 USD per capital, according to the Premier.

Over 832 million USD was also earned from the export trade during the first quarter of the fiscal year that begun on July 9.

The nation has collected 63.1 billion birr revenue during the first quarter of the budget year.

Tangible measures have also been taken to lower the soaring inflation in the country through various remedial mechanisms, according to government officials.  

Ethiopian News Agency