Reform Created Strong Peacekeeping Force to Deter All Threats, Says PM


Addis Abeba October 19/2020 (ENA) A strong peacekeeping force that can defend Ethiopia has been created following rigorous security reform during the past two years, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed told members of the House of People's Representatives today.

Responding to questions raised by members of the House, the premier said his government had engaged in a wide-range of security reform as most of them were partisan and not organized to defend the constitution and the country.

As a result, the reform carried out in the army and police was so deep as to make them ensurers of sustainable peace, the basis of all things, he added.

Abiy particularly noted that the reform has improved the ability of all security forces to perform better. 

“The problem was that we needed to reform and deter vulnerability to external attacks. With this analysis and the reform, we are creating a strong defense force that is ready and knowledgeable in all respects,” he pointed out. 

Accordingly, the Ethiopian peacekeeping forces, the Federal Police and the National Defense Forces in particular are capable of defending the country against any entity and safeguard its  sovereignty, he stressed.  

“In this regard, you should know that a lot of work has been done and there is nothing that threatens the sovereignty of the country in its current capacity.” Abiy underscored.

Asked about security challenges recurring in Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State, the PM noted that the attack is complicated and orchestrated by foreign and domestic anti-peace elements.

Noting  that  the conflicts in the region are related to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, he stated that the government is working hard to bring a lasting solution.  

Asked about the ongoing sour relationship between the federal government and Tigray Regional State,Abiy said the problem will be resolved legally and in accordance with  decision passed by the House of Federation on the basis of the constitution and other related laws.

Ethiopian News Agency