Ethiopia Aspires to Lead African Industry in the Next 5 years

Addis Ababa October 19/2020 (ENA) Ethiopia has aspired to achieve industrial progress to lead the industrial sector in Africa by 2025, according to Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC).

Ethiopian Investment Commissioner, Lelise Neme told the media that the country’s vision will be realized through the development and expansion of industrial zones that have reached 13 industrial zones.

She further stated that Ethiopia is witnessing a growth in foreign direct investment (FDI) to many foreign countries, while China tops the list.

For instance, the country received 2.5 billion US dollars in Foreign Direct Investment this year, adding, “This number is less than our ambition,” she stated.

Lelise added that the government has implemented many programs to improve the investment climate, noting that the government's priorities are to create an investment environment to attract investors.

EIC held discussions with heads of investment offices in all 10 Ethiopian regions to assess the performance of the commission and foreign investment during the first quarter of the Ethiopian financial year that began last July.

Ethiopian News Agency