Diaspora Agency to Raise 50 Mln Birr to ‘Dine for Nation’ Project

Addis Ababa October 8/2020 (ENA) Ethiopian Diaspora Agency has planned to raise 50 million Birr from the Diaspora community this year as part of the ‘Dine for Nation’ initiative. 

‘Dine for Ethiopia’ is a resource mobilization initiative aims at raising 3 billion Birr for development projects in Gorgora, Wonchi and Koysha located in Amhara, Oromia and Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' regional states, respectively.

The resource mobilization program, launched by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in August, is open to all Ethiopians including friends of Ethiopia.

As part of the initiative, Ethiopian Diaspora Agency is working to collect 50 million Birr from the Diaspora community to support the projects.  

Ethiopian Diaspora Agency Director-General, Selamawit Dawit told ENA that the fund raising program will be carried out in collaboration with Ethiopian missions, ambassadors, diplomats around the world.

According to her, apart from the resource mobilization, other activities will also be carried out aimed at soliciting supports to the projects in terms of knowledge and skills.  

The agency has discussed with its key stakeholders on the implementation of the plan, she said.  

Members of the Diaspora community who have visited  Sheger, Entto, and Unity Parks recently, have expressed their interest to support the projects, Selamawit noted.

Staff of foreign affairs minister, Ethiopian ambassadors and diplomats have contributed their one month salary to the projects.

The new projects are believed to create jobs for the local communities and enhance the tourism sector of the country.

Ethiopian News Agency