Factory Secures over 1 Mn USD from Avocado Oil Export


Addis Ababa September 30/2020 (ENA) Sunvado Avocado Oil Factory, which is located at Yirgalm Integrated Afro-Processing Industrial Park in Sidama Region, has secured over one million USD by exporting avocado oil to the international market last Ethiopian budget year. 

Sidama Region Industrial Parks Development Corporation CEO, Birru Woldu said the factory that produces organic avocado oil started operation in 2018.

During the last Ethiopian fiscal year, it exported organic avocado oil to Japan, Holland, and North American countries, he added.

The CEO  stated that the avocado oil factory has created 350 permanent and temporary jobs.

Through creating market linkage with the surrounding community, the factory also benefits more than 73,000 farmers by directly buying their products.

Birru further stated that Chinese and Italian investors have secured space in the industrial park  to invest in animal and ago-processing sectors.

The investors have been creating linkage with the surrounding farmer cooperatives to get animal and agricultural products for their factories.

The industrial park has reportedly created more than 14,000 permanent and temporary jobs.

Ethiopian News Agency