More than 550 Federal Prisoners Granted Pardon

Addis Ababa, September 9/2020(ENA)  Some 551 federal prisoners have been granted pardon in connection with the Ethiopian New Year, according to the Attorney General. 

In a press release it sent to ENA today, Clemency and Pardon Board Office Head at the Attorney General, Zeleke Dalelo, reportedly said the pardoned federal prisoners were held in federal, state and defense correctional centers.

The president of the country, who has the power to grant pardon, approved the proposal submitted by the attorney general.

Accordingly, 398 prisoners from federal correctional centers, 129 from defense correctional centers, and 18 from Oromia and 6 from Amhara regional states were freed.

Pardon is not a right rather given to inmates only when the government believes that they would benefit the public.   

Ethiopian News Agency