Commission Utilizing 4 Billion Birr to Improve Access to Potable Water, Sanitation


Addis Ababa, August 5/2020(ENA)  Water Development Commission has reportedly allocated four billion Birr budget this Ethiopian fiscal year to improve access to clean water. 

Water Development Commissioner, Beshah Mogessie told ENA that the commission will utilize the budget to improve access to clean water in the country.

Provision of clean water has been low despite the efforts being exerted to increase availability of potable water to the public.

Out of the total four billion Birr budget, half would be allocated by the government and the rest remaining sum by development partners, it was learned.  

The budget would help to finalize big projects and start new projects in the water sector.

According to the commissioner, some 41 projects that enable to improve provision of potable water in rural area are included in the plan.

A study has also been finalized to enhance sanitation in 22 cities, including Addis Ababa.

Ethiopian News Agency