Police Finalize Investigation on Alleged Mastermind of Recent Mayhem


Addis Ababa August 4/2020(ENA) Police told court today that they have finalized the investigation on Bekele Geba, one of the alleged masterminds of the recent mayhem that resulted in the killing of many and huge property loss. 

The crime investigation team told the Federal First Instance Court that its investigation over the past 8 days was finalized.

The suspect has incurred 37 million Birr damage on the transport sector alone by ordering  organized groups to create havoc.     

Furthermore, forensic examination on seven pistols has confirmed that all the pistols are with fake serial numbers. Also, two pistols found inside the house of the suspect are illegal, the police stated.

Many people have lost their lives and were displaced because of the message conveyed by the suspect with the intention of dismantling the incumbent, the police alleged, adding that they  have substantial evidence that proves the looting and damage of houses, hotels, shops factories, public and religious institutions in different parts of the region.   

Besides, the suspect and his accomplices had brought forcefully Hachalu’s corpse from Burayu and took it to the office of Oromia Prosperity Party. The plan, according to police, was to dismantle the statue of Emperor Menelik the Second and bury the corpse at the site.  

The police requested the court to order pretrial investigation.  

Lawyers of the suspect on their part asked the court to release their client on bail since inciting violence does not forbid the right to bail.

The suspect said, ''I am a political party leader not army general. Thus I should not be responsible for the damage caused by people.” He asked the court to release him on bail.

The Attorney General argued that releasing the suspect on bail would not be appropriate as the evidences presented against him could result in more than 15 years imprisonment.

Hearing both sides, the court adjourned the hearing to the 6th of August 2020 to pass decision on the request for bail.  

Ethiopian News Agency