FEACC Launches New Platform to Register, Disclose Official Assets

Addis Ababa, June 9/2020 ( ENA) The Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (FEACC) today launched information based Disclosure and Asset Registration System (DARS) to record assets of senior government officials.

The Commission revealed that the platform will help to register and disclose updated assets and wealth of top government officials and their associates on its website.

Asset Registration and Disclosure Director at the Commission, Mesfin Belayneh said the aim of disclosure is to prevent corruption and embezzlement through enhancing good governance.

“It is necessary to put in place a transparent system that would help the conduct of public affairs and private interests that goes in discrete without intervening into one another’s territory” he stated.

The disclosure includes the wealth of ministers, state ministers, directors, procurement staffs and other corruption prone public service officials, among others.

According to Mesfin, the system is designed with a strict procedure to protect the privacy of individuals who accessed it.

The commission will also integrate a system where citizens can be informed the pertinent bodies, if they think that a property owned by a certain official is not registered in the system.

So far more than 220,000 government officials have registered their assets and wealth in the commission's database.

The new system has been developed in collaboration with the Information Network and Security Agency (INSA) and Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

According to Disclosure and Registration of Assets Proclamation No.668 /2010 any newly appointed, elected or employed person shall disclose and register assets within 45 days following his appointment, election or employment.

Ethiopian News Agency