Council of Ministers Passes Decisions on Various Issues

ddis Abeba May 7/2020 (ENA)The Council of Ministers has passed decisions on four issues in its ordinary session held today.

The Council in its 20th ordinary session discussed the draft proclamation for providing legal status for the national institution established by Ethiopian Evangelical Churches and the Unity of  Churches.

The bill was referred to the House of People’s Representatives.

The second draft bill is on the national transport policy that enables the sector to provide effective and integrated services through the support of modern information technology.  

The Council of Ministers approved the transport policy and assigned Ministry of Transport to implement it.

The other policy approved by the council is concerned with the logistic sector with the view to making the management, organization and operation of logistics efficient, boost the engagement of the private sector in the sector and create job opportunity to the youth. The council approved the national logistics sector policy to be implemented.

Lastly, the council discussed the draft proclamation for the re-establishment of the Development Bank of Ethiopia that will serve as policy bank of the country with better capital.

The council approved the implementation of the draft proclamation.

Ethiopian News Agency