Africa Need to Set up Climate Emergency Fund: Commissioner


ENA February 8/2020 The establishment of a Climate Emergency Fund in Africa is crucial in order for the continent mitigate climate related disasters, commissioner of the African Union said. 
Rural Economy and Agriculture Commissioner of the Union, Josefa Leonel Correia Sacko told ENA that Africans need to have supportive mechanism to address risks of natural disasters due to climate change.

Citing the recent desert locust swarm that affected many countries in the continent, she stressed for the establishment of a special fund that provide financial support to efforts aimed at combating such emergency risks.

“Locust infestation has been creating a significant pressure in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya and if we can not mitigate the problem, we can at least make efforts to stop it,” the Commissioner elaborated.

“This is emergency that is happening, which is really hampering the food and nutrition security in the continent,” she added.

The Commissioner has also announced the preparation of a proposal to establish Climate Emergency Fund in Africa.

“A proposal has been prepared and presented to member states to establish the fund and we are going to work towards that if they agree,” she pointed out.

Africa is widely known for its vulnerability to climate change related disaster risks, that has been hindering better livelihood and economic development in most parts of the continent. 

According to experts, many countries in Africa are incapable to mitigate and fight the disasters mostly due to lack of adequate finance.

Ethiopian News Agency