HPR Approves Investment Bill, Evaluates Performance of Science, Higher Education Ministry

ENA,January 30/2020 The House of People's Representative (HPR) has approved the revised investment bill and evaluated the half-year performance report of Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

In its regular meeting held today, the House approved the revised investment bill that aims to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), modernize service provision, enhance export,    encourage local investors, and create jobs.

The revised bill is expected to solve the existing problems of investors and the investment policy that has served for seven years.

The HPR also evaluated the half-year performance of Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

The performance of the ministry was criticized by some members for not ensuring peaceful  teaching-learning process.

Science and Higher Education Minister, Professor Hirut Woldemariam said on her part efforts have been underway to create responsible and critical citizens.

She added that administrative measures were taken on more than 1,200 members of university communities involved in fomenting disturbances in 22 universities across the country.

According to the minister, curriculum revision is underway in order to ensure quality education, fulfill the demand of the labor market with skillful and knowledgeable  manpower.

In due course of the meeting, the House finally approved the appointments of Getahun Mekuria as Minister for Education, Abraham Belay as Minister for Innovation and Technology, and Melaku Alebel as Minister for Trade and Industry.

Members of the parliament approved the appointments made early this month by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed with majority vote.

Ethiopian News Agency