Mexico Eyes Enhanced Cooperation with Ethiopia in Trade, Tourism and Aviation

Addis  Ababa,January 30/2020(ENA) Mexico eyes to enhance bilateral ties with Ethiopia, particularly in the trade, tourism and aviation spheres, Mexico’s Ambassador, Victor M. Trevino said.

In an Inclusive interview with ENA, Ambassador Trevino said the two countries have deep-rooted and long standing relations in multifaceted spheres and achieved common history.

Noting the Mexico and Ethiopia commemorated their excellent the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations on the 1st November, 2019 the ambassador stated “for us Ethiopia is a very important country.”

Taking the strong relations between the two countries into consideration, ambassador noted that “we continue working together in terms of enhance our relations in trade and tourism in the future.”

“We are working to boost our trade, because we have now Ethiopian Airlines flight cargo to Mexico is only the African airlines that reaches Mexico at this moment,” he added.

Ethiopian Airlines has started to operate a public cargo air transport service on the route Addis Ababa-Mexico City-Addis Ababa.

“Definitely, the Ethiopian airlines flight on the boost our relations in terms of trade, but also we are working in agreement that in the near future. We can have also passengers in both sides,” according to Trevino.

“We considered that it is important flight. We have more connectivity and more trade relations” ambassador said, adding that is one the most important area Mexico wants to work with Ethiopia.

Moreover, the ambassador reaffirmed that Mexico will continue its supporting tourism development endeavors in Ethiopia.

Stating Mexico is top ten countries in tourists’ recipient he said “we consider Ethiopia to have more tourists from the North American countries.”

Ambassador said “You have a leading airline in the continent that is Ethiopian Airlines. We are expecting to work together to exchange good practices with Ethiopian authorities in order to enhance tourists.”

Speaking on the cooperation of the two countries at regional and international arena ambassador stated “We are in the process to enhance our relations with Ethiopia to work together at regional and international issues.”

Recognizing the efforts of Ethiopian leadership in ensure peace and stability in neighboring countries, particularly with Somalia, South Sudan as well as situation in Sudan ambassador pointed out, adding Mexico is also working with neighboring countries in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

He reiterated that “We consider that Ethiopia has key role in the region, not just as hosting African Union, but also its immense contributions in promoting peace and security to the continent.”

Ethiopia was the first African country with which Mexico established diplomatic relations in 1949.

The friendship between the two countries dates back to the 1930s, when Mexico had an important role in the League of Nations by protesting against Italy’s annexation of Ethiopia in 1936. 

In appreciation of Mexico’s support, the Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie, paid a State visit to Mexico in 1954, during which he inaugurated Ethiopia Square in Mexico City

Ethiopian News Agency