Ministry Targets to Irrigate over 1 million Hectares this Ethiopian Year


Ena January 24/2020 Ministry of Agriculture disclosed that 1.2 million hectares of land will be developed with irrigation this Ethiopian year and over 120 million quintals of crops and vegetables are expected to be harvested. 

Agriculture Extension Director-General at the ministry, Germame Garuma said the government planned to irrigate 1.2 million hectares of land this Ethiopian year.

“At present about 836,000 hectares of land are covered with various crops and vegetables in  cooperation with agriculture extension workers and farmers,” he added.

According to Germame, over 120 million quintals of crops and vegetables would be collected from the land to be irrigated at the end of the stated period.  

More than 2.1 million farmers, of which 300,000 plus are women, are taking part in the irrigation development, it was learned.

“The awareness, knowledge and practice of farmers about irrigation have been increasing from year to year,” the director general noted, adding that “ irrigation has now become business, in addition to ensuring food security.”  

Germame pointed out that the government is working to improve the livelihood of communities through advancing irrigation schemes and promoting technology in the sector.

With regard to provision of inputs for farmers, he stated that efforts have been underway to supply fertilizers, seeds and chemicals.

So far, 700,000 quintal fertilizers, over 471,000 quintal seeds as well as 93,000 liters of chemicals have been distributed, the director-general added.

The unseasonal rainfall is a great advantage for irrigation development, according to Germame,  who stated that the farmers are seizing the opportunity to benefit from the major crop season effectively.   

On other hand, efforts have been exerted to create market chains among farmers and cooperative unions.

Ethiopian News Agency