Bale Zone Fighting Locust Infestation: Agriculture, Natural Resources Bureau

Ena January 10/ 2019 Aerial spraying of pesticide is underway in Bale Zone of Oromia Regional State where a swarm of locust have been attacking crops. 

According to Bale Zone Agriculture and Natural Resources Bureau Crop Protection Coordinator Dame Hunde swarms of desert locust have invaded different parts of the zone.

Aerial spraying of pesticide has, therefore, been underway since the beginning of this week in addition to maximum efforts exerted by humans.

Some 500 liters of pesticide has so far been sprayed to wipe out the swarms, according to the coordinator.

Desert locusts occurred in Rayitu Woreda bordering Somali Regional State in mid-December.

About half of the crop on 335,000 hectares was collected during the Meher season, it was learned.

In July 2019, FAO warned that desert locust summer breeding, amplified by heavy rains, could pose a serious threat to agricultural production in Yemen, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia and  Somalia.

The organization called on all countries to monitor the field conditions by mounting regular ground surveys and undertaking the necessary control measures whenever infestations are detected. 

Ethiopian News Agency