Telecom Infrastructural Damages Inflicting Heavy Loss on Economy, Service Quality

Ena January 9/2019 Ethio Telecom has reportedly lost about 100 million birr due to infrastructural damages during the past six months of the ongoing Ethiopian fiscal year.

This was disclosed at a high-level telecom infrastructure security consultative forum held today to discuss about ways of protecting the telecom infrastructure throughout the country.

The study presented at the forum revealed that damages which translate to about 100 million birr loss occurred in the first half of 2012 Ethiopian fiscal year.

The major factors identified by the study as causes of  the infrastructural destructions were   low level of awareness on the part of the community in protecting public property, lenient penalties and organized theft.

Ethio Telecom CEO Frehiwot Tamiru said on the occasion that the damages on telecom infrastructures are seriously affecting the country's economy and service quality which result in customer dissatisfaction and revenue loss.

The CEO firmly demanded that all stakeholders protect telecom infrastructures and bring perpetrators to justice.

Ethiopian News Agency