President Receives Letters of Credence of Nine Ambassadors


  ENA November 15/2019 President Sahlework Zewdie has received letters of credence of nine Ambassadors at the National Palace today.

The ambassadors who presented their letters of credence are from Somalia, South Africa, Burundi, Kazakhstan, Iceland, Slovenia, Philippines, Venezuela, and Lebanon.

The ambassadors discussed with the president about the ways of further strengthening bilateral relations between Ethiopia and the respective countries.

The president called on the ambassadors to enhance bilateral ties with focus on economic cooperation in trade and investment.

The ambassadors promised to do tirelessly to further heighten relations in different fields of cooperation.

Somalia's Ambassador to Ethiopia, Abdullahi H. Omer Amy said he will work to advance the good bilateral relation of Ethiopia and Somalia in trade, security, politics and people-to-people relations.

South Africa Ambassador to Ethiopia, Edward Xolisa Makaya said on his part he is going to tirelessly work for heightening the relation by focusing on economic cooperation between the two countries.

“We want to thank the people of Ethiopia for supporting South Africa during its struggle for liberation from the apartheid system,” he added.

The historic relation of Ethiopia and South Africa began since the 1960s when former President Nelson Madela took military training in Ethiopia to liberate South Africa from the then apartheid system.

Iceland's Ambassador to Ethiopia, Unnur Orradottir Ramatte said her country wants to enhance bilateral cooperations in gender, peace, land restoration, geothermal energy, and job creation.

Iceland companies are currently engaged in energy investment in Ethiopia, she stated.

Slovenian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Rado Genorio said his country wants to heighten its relation in multilateral levels with the frame work of United Nations since both countries are like-minded countries.

Slovenia is keen to increase mutual cooperation in agriculture, mainly beekeeping, technical expertise, education and in areas of making Ethiopia hub of artificial intelligence, he added.

Ethiopian News Agency