Ethiopia Set to Implement Strategies that Accelerate Green Manufacturing


Addis Ababa November 13 /2019 Ministry of Trade and Industry said it will implement a Green Manufacturing and Energy Efficiency strategies that contributes to the acceleration of green manufacturing practice in Ethiopia.

This was disclosed at a Clean Energy and Green Manufacturing Leadership Workshop held today.

Trade and Industry State Minister, Teka Gebreyesus said the government has been working to make Ethiopia's manufacturing and industry development more effective and competitive by making it clean.

He added that various strategies have been designed to enhance the role of eco-industrial parks in the country's economic development.

Acccording to him, the workshop will help to gather feedbacks and comments which will help as inputs to the strategies.

The strategies are  going to be implemented starting in 2020, following extensive discussions with other stakeholders, the state minister pointed out.

Industrial Parks Development Corporation USAID Contractor, Hiwot Hailu said the strategies  will support the county’s efforts to achieve its ambitions to become low middle income status by 2025.

Furthermore, she noted that improvement is needed in a way that does not harm the environment and community to promote the manufacturing sector.

Designing policies and strategies, adaptation of new technologies has paramount contribution in accelerating and sustaining green industrial development, according to Hiwot.

Ethiopia’s industrialization efforts during the last three decades started with the formulation of the Agricultural Development Led Industrialization Strategy that serves as umbrella strategy.  

Today's workshop was organized with the collaboration of the Industrial Parks Development Corporation, U.S Forest Service International Programs, and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and other stakeholders.

Ethiopian News Agency