Ethiopian Airlines Group Launches Initiative to Support Local Farmers


Addis Ababa  October 23/2019 Ethiopian Airlines Group has launched an innovative capacity development initiative aimed at creating local value in agricultural products, according to a press release of the group.

The initiative is tailored to support cooperative unions comprising millions of farmers with innovations and technology by ensuring their international market penetration, the release stated.

According to the group, the initiative is geared towards enhancing the livelihood of Ethiopian farmers as well as supporting them in competing in the global market place.

The stakeholders drawn from government agencies and farmers’ cooperative unions have expressed their gratitude on the launch of the capacity development program and vowed to work together.

They will keep sharing experiences and underpin the implementation of the import substitution strategy of the country with consistent and progressive local value creation (LVC) endeavors, it was indicated.

The release stated that Ethiopian Airlines Group sources organic produces directly from the farm and significantly contributes to the import substitution move of the economy.

Ethiopian News Agency