Djiboutian Forces Never Crossed into Ethiopian Border: Ministry of Defense

Addis Ababa  October 14  /2019 The unverified reports that said to be “Djiboutian army has crossed the Ethiopian border into the Afar region and causing damage” is baseless, the Ministry of Defense affirmed.

Head of the Office of Deputy Chief of Staff at the Ministry of Defense, Colonel Tesfaye Ayalew told ENA that “the news circulated over the social media that said to be Djiboutian armed forces have crossed Ethiopian border and inflicted detrimental acts on citizens through Afar is a sham.”

Noting the information circulated by various social media and some media outlets, stating that "the armed forces of Djibouti entered Ethiopia and caused damage is far from the truth," he added. 

The two countries have solid people-to-people relations, he said and adding that “there is no reason for conflict between the two countries, stressing the information circulated in various ways is baseless”. 

However, he has conceded that there were occasional skirmishes over grazing, and water in the area.

Ethiopian News Agency