Unity Park Promotes Linkage of Africans: Ambassadors


Addis Ababa ,ENA , October 11/2019 Ambassadors based in Addis Ababa told ENA that Unity Park, which was inaugurated yesterday in the premises of the Grand National Palace, not only helps to link the Ethiopian people but also the African people. 

Moreover, they said the historical heritages in the park are the reflections of Ethiopia and African heritages.

African Union Women’s Affairs Representative, Lethi Chuhara said opening the Unity Park to the public demonstrates that Ethiopia is continuing the responsibility of linking Africa together.

This is owing to the fact that those people who come to visit the park would have the chance to know about the Africa Union and how it came into being.

The park would also enable the people of Ethiopia to know their own history, she noted.

South Sudanese Ambassador to Ethiopia, James P. Morgan appreciated Ethiopians for preserving their history and opening it to the public while many historical heritages that represent Africa were lost.  

Ambassador Morgan called on the Ethiopians to preserve the historical heritages and pass them to the next generation.

America's Ambassador to Ethiopia, Michael A. Raynor said opening the park to the public indicates the commitment of the government which accords primacy to its people and build a great state.

He added that making the park open to public goes in line with the ongoing reform.  

Ethiopian News Agency