UNHCR Praises Ethiopia’s Efforts in Supporting Refugees

Addis Ababa ENA October 10/2019 UNHCR commended Ethiopia’s efforts in bringing peace within the region and support refugees through progressive policies.

Ethiopian delegation led by Ambassdor Zenebe Kebede is participating at the 70th session of the Executive Committee of the High Commissioner's Programme which is being held from October 7-11 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports that the meeting was attended by 102 countries.

In a statement delivered today, Deputy Director-General of Agency for Refugees and Returnees Affairs, Addisu Kebenessa Ebsa, noted that the democratic reform process Ethiopia embarked on since February 2018 is yielding a positive outcome in the peace and security of the region.

Ethiopia has played key role in the signing of the Constitutional Declaration in Sudan and the progress made in the implementation of the transitional arrangements in South Sudan, he stated. These efforts, he noted, prevented violence and humanitarian consequences.

Discussing the advances made in providing education to refugees, he said, primary education has reached 74 percent while secondary education stands at 12 percent.

Some 3,600 refugees are studying at different universities in Ethiopia with the support of the Government of Ethiopia, he pointed out.

Addisu called UNHCR to support Ethiopia by providing robust reintegration packages to Ethiopian refugees who are requesting to return and start life in Ethiopia and contribute their share in the development of their nation.

Ethiopian News Agency