WB Pledges to Support Ethiopia’s Homegrown Economic Reform


Addis Ababa ENA October 9/2019 The World Bank (WB) said yesterday that it will provide all the necessary support for the realization of Ethiopia’s homegrown economic reform.

Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen held talks with Sérgio Pimenta, International Finance Cooperation (IFC) Vice President for the Middle East and Africa at WB.

During the discussion, IFC Vice President Pimenta said Ethiopia’s homegrown economic reform will help the country to have stable and strong economy.

He added that modernizing financial institutions through the reform is encouraging.

According to the Office of the Prime Minister, Pimenta has also commended the move to privatize some of the huge public enterprises.

Moreover, the vice president stated that International Finance Cooperation will continue to support Ethiopia in agriculture, manufacturing, and market linkage for the private sector through the capacity building assistance.

Deputy Prime Minister Demeke said  on his part that various activities have been underway to create favorable condition for business and investment based on the home grown economic reform.

Ethiopian News Agency