Mass Sport Festival to Entertain Diaspora Takes Place in Addis Ababa
Jan 2, 2022 4152
Addis Ababa January 2/2022 /ENA/ Mass sport festival, which aims at entertaining the Diaspora community who has come to Ethiopia as part of the Great Ethiopian Homecoming initiative, took place in Addis Ababa today. Great Ethiopian Homecoming is an initiative launched by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed calling one million Ethiopians, Ethiopian origins, and friends of Ethiopia to come to Ethiopia during the upcoming Ethiopian Christmas. Accordingly, many have been arriving in Ethiopia despite and engaging in several social and other activities of the nation. The government and people of Ethiopia are preparing to welcome the diaspora in various ways. Today a Mass sport festival was held in the capital Addis Ababa with a view to entertain the Diaspora community who has come to Ethiopia as part of the initiative. Residents of Addis Ababa, government officials and members of the Diaspora have taken part in the mass sport festival that was organized at Mesqel square, in the capital. Opening the festival, Addis Ababa City Deputy Mayor, Jantirar Abay said sport would build a country strong by creating unity and cohesion among the people. He stressed the need to expand sport activities as culture everywhere in the country to create physically matured and productive citizens and promote the development of the country, besides to promoting social interaction with in communities. Members of the Diaspora who have participated in the event have expressed their excitement over the splendid welcoming ceremonies and programs of Ethiopian government and people. Besides to its health benefits, the mass sport said to be a means that enable the Diaspora promote social interaction with the community.
Gov't Awards Ethiopian Tokyo Olympics Team
Sep 3, 2021 4114
Addis Ababa, Sebtember 3/2021(ENA) The government of Ethiopia awarded and honored the national athletics team that participated in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in a grand ceremony held at the National Palace on Thursday in the presence of President Sahilework Zewde. It is to be recalled that Ethiopian Tokyo 2020 Olympics team had finished the competition with 4 medals including one gold medal. The national Olympic Team of Ethiopia won one gold, one silver and two bronze. The nation has won one Gold medal in the men’s 10,000 meter by Selemon Barega Silver by Lemecha Girma with Men’s 3000 meters. Ethiopia has also got two bronze medals by Letesenbet Gideon and Gudaf Tsegay, in 10,000 meter and 5,000 meter women contest, respectively. The participants have been awarded money and certificate of recognition based on the results they have registered in the race. Accordingly, the gold medalist with 10,000 meter, Selemon Barega was awarded 3 million Birr worth car. Bronze medalists Letesenbet Gideon and Gudaf Tsegay have received 1 million Birr each while 3,000 meter Silver medalist Lemecha awarded 1.5 million Birr. Speaking at the ceremony, President Sahilework Zewde noted the strange results registered by the Ethiopian Team at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as compared to the last 13 Olympics that Ethiopia had participated. The President hence, urged all pertinent bodies of the athletics community to take their respective responsibly seriously to achieve a better result for the upcoming Olympic Games. Other senior government officials including culture and Tourism Minister, Hirut kassew, Sport Commissioner Elias Shikure and members of the Ethiopian Olympic committee have attended the ceremony.
The 20th Edition GER Supports Birds’ Conservation in Ethiopia
Jan 10, 2021 2252
Addis Ababa January 10/2021 (ENA) The 2020 Great Ethiopian Run (GER), which is Ethiopia’s flagship annual event, has supported bird conservation in the country. Adapting to the new normal of life under COVID-19, this year’s GER annual event was held on Sunday in the capital Addis Ababa with a reduced number of participants. The race staged in three separate wave started in a way that allowed greater distancing among participants in a move to apply the World health Organization guidelines. More than 12, 000 runners, including about 300 men and women athletes, have participated in the 10 Kilometers run, the biggest road race in Africa with 45,000 plus participants from all over the world every year since its inception in 2001. Happy revelers of different speed experienced the truly epic event wearing red, yellow and green T-Shirts to symbolize the national flag and running or walking through the central parts of the city interrupting the usual traffic flow at early morning. The race has begun at Meskel Square and ended around Atlas Hotel in Bole Sub-City with tough competition of athletes at the front. Abe Gashahun from Amhara prisons, Tadese Worku from Debub (SNNPR) Police and Milkesa Mengesha from Sebeta Club are the first, second and third men winners, respectively. Similarly, Tsige Gebreselema from Ethio-Athletics, Medhin Gebreslase from Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and Gebeyanesh Ayalew from defense won the respective ranks from women, it was learned. The Great Ethiopian Run founder and Board chair Athlete Haile Gebrselassie, Ethiopian Athletics Head Bililign Mekoya and Total Specialist and B2B Business Manager Bekuretsion Weldeyesus awarded the winners. The 20th edition GER race has supported for bird-safe energy infrastructure in Ethiopia, which aimed at birds’ conservation. The idea behind this support was to associate the extreme efforts of marathon runners with the perilous journey migratory birds undertake, in order to generate public empathy and mitigate threats along the flyway. Electrocution and collision with power lines have been identified as major causes of mortality among birds, killing millions of individuals every year. Several power lines have dangerous designs that put birds at risk. Every year, more than 2000 Endangered Egyptian Vultures gather in Eastern Ethiopia to roost. Consequently, the power line infrastructure in this region may have an upsetting impact on their global population. BirdLife International, through its partnership with the Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History Society (EWNHS), was one of the sponsors and VIP attendees at the event within the framework of the “Egyptian Vulture New LIFE" project. The project is being implemented in Europe and Africa, in 14 different countries. Athlete Haile Gebrselassie, renowned economist Peter Middlebrook and British marathon Olympian Richard Nerurkar founded the Great Ethiopian Run 20 years ago. More than 500, 000 people attended The Great Ethiopian Run in the past 20 years. In 2013, GER become the first ever winner of the Social Award of the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races. It is to be recalled that GER won the “Best International Running Event” award of the Challenge Awards in 2019.
President Sahlework Urges Countries to Exploit Sport for Peace, Unity
Dec 6, 2020 2184
Addis Ababa, December 6/2020( ENA) President Sahlework Zewdie urged countries to exploit the potent tool of sport sustain peace and unity. Higher officials including the President of the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA), Mustapha Berraf, Ethiopian Olympic Committee (EOC) President, Ashebir Woldegiorgis have attended the meeting. At the opening of the Extraordinary General Assembly of ANOCA, President Sahlework said “Sport, as we all know, is a powerful tool for unity and peace.” “We learn, through playing sports, the basic lessons of life how to work with others to reach a common goal, how to follow rules, how to strategize and win, and equally as importance is learning how to lose and make space for others to have their day,” she noted. The president elaborated that Ethiopia's contribution to African Olympics is remarkable. The nation is looking not only to strengthen this position in the world athletics but having the ambition to go beyond the athletics and expand in to new sport, she said. The president underlined that Ethiopia's membership to ANOCA is the vital in achieving both national and continental goals. In sport, as it is in governance there is power in unity she said, adding that continental unity without doubt leverage to increase global inference and reach on common objectives. “We must think beyond sports and identify ways to leverage our influence and resources to engage and empower the youth of Africa. You can count on Ethiopia to stand with you in the achievement of this goal,” she highlighted. The meeting of the organization that unites the 54 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) of Africa will deliberate on key issues about the continent’s Olympic sports, it was indicated.
WADA Hails Ethiopia, SA Partnership for Clean Sport in Africa
May 14, 2020 777
Addis Ababa, May 14/2020 (ENA) The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) lauded Ethiopia and South Africa for their immense contribution in National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs) for the protection of clean sport in Africa. In its press release sent to ENA, WADA said a three-year partnership agreement between the Ethiopian National Anti-Doping Organization (ETH-NADO) and the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS) has yielded significant benefits for the protection of clean sport in Africa. The agreement, which was facilitated and monitored by WADA, saw SAIDS provide support, guidance and expertise to ETH-NADO in building its anti-doping capacity. WADA Director General, Olivier Niggli said cooperation between NADOs is vital for regional development. “Commitment on both sides is very important in these partnerships, and in this case, it was outstanding with both National Anti-Doping Organizations fully engaged with the concept and reality of the initiative,” he noted. According to him, there was regular communication and feedback between the NADOs and with WADA also ensured that the partnership kept momentum throughout the three years. The partnership has helped to build anti-doping capacity and strengthen the system within Ethiopia, further protecting clean sport in that important African sporting nation, he stated. CEO of ETH-NADO, Mekonnen Yidersal said on his part WADA’s partnership program is crucial to strengthening the efficiency and effectiveness of NADOs worldwide by fostering a spirit of cooperation, collaboration and trust between nations. He further added that the partnership creates a platform to share knowledge and experience in the field.
Great Ethiopian Run to Be Held in USA
Feb 20, 2020 347
ENA,February 20/2020 The first Great Ethiopian Run in North America is scheduled to take place in Minnesota, USA, on the 4th of July 2020. The Great Ethiopian Run scheduled to take place for the first time outside Africa is also the 1st edition in the US. In an exclusive interview with ENA, Great Ethiopian Run General Manager Ermias Ayele said preparations are being finalized to celebrate the event together with the Ethiopian Diaspora residing in USA and around the world. The 5-kilometer road running event will bring together thousands of participants, he added. The event, which coincides with the Declaration of Independence of the United States, will also attract hundreds of thousands of people, the general manager stated. The Great Ethiopian Run is an international 10km flagship annual event that has been held in Ethiopia since 2001. The race has become the biggest road race in Africa, it was learned. According to the general manager, “Great Ethiopian Run has become the most popular and exciting race in the world during the past two decades. It has hugely contributed to the positive image of Ethiopia internationally and helped increase tourist flow to the country.” The general manager revealed that there are also plans to expand the event into the biggest cities of the country. He noted that assessment made about the run in the United States has also showed the huge potential of the event to attract more participants in that country where many Ethiopians reside. Ermias stated that Ethiopian Sports Federation of North America, a non-profit, tax-exempt organization founded in 1984 to promote amateur soccer and cultural events within the Ethiopian community in North America, proposed to conduct the Great Ethiopian Run in 4th July in Minnesota city.
US State of Maryland to Give Recognition to Famous Ethiopian Athlete Derartu Tulu
Jul 15, 2019 219
Addis Ababa July 15/2019 The celebrated female Ethiopian athlete, Derartu Tulu, will receive a recognition certificate for her global impact and continued service to athletics from the State of Maryland, USA, on Friday July 19, 2019 in Washington DC. according to AU Representational Mission to US. Member of the State of Maryland House of Delegates, Lorig Charkoudian reportedly said “we want to honor her for the global impact of her athletic accomplishments, as the first Black African Olympic Gold medalist, and her continued involvement in sport administration in Ethiopia.” According to a press release of the Ethiopian Embassy in the US, more than 20 Olympians and world champions will join Derartu Tulu in the Grand African Run that will take place on July 21,2019. Race Director, Gashaw Abeza said “the gathering of these legends will be a historical moment as some of these athletes live in different part of the United States. Bringing them together gives significant meaning to the purpose of Great African Run in DC.” The annual mass participation 5 kilometers road race is organized to connect the Ethiopian diaspora through sport and culture, and highlight the diasporas' positive contribution to their communities in the United States and to their home country, it was learned. The event is organized by Nova Connections in partnership with the African Union Mission, DC Mayor's Office on African Affairs and Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC.
Media Forum Established to Strengthen Anti-Doping Fight
Jun 27, 2019 173
Addis Ababa June 27/2019 The Ethiopian National Anti-Doping Office (ETH-NADO) has established media forum today with the objective of strengthening awareness on Anti-Doping and creating doping free environment in all sports. The forum, which comprises of sport journalists from private and public media houses, will deal with anti-doping informative coverage. Institutions like World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) defined doping as the taking of banned substances or using prohibited methods to enhance or maintain sporting performance and is prohibited in sports. Ethiopia’s National Anti-Doping Organizations (ETH-NADOs) responsible for testing national athletes in- and out-of-competition, as well as athletes from other countries competing within that nation’s borders is working in line with WADA’s anti-doping rules violations. After taking thorough risk assessment, ETH-NADO has identified athletics, football, cycling, boxing and Paralympics as the priority for anti-doping engagement in the country. During the occasion, ETH-NADO Board Chairperson Professor Aklilu Azazh said Ethiopia is among the top African countries in combating doping in organized and standardized way. The office has filled Code Compliance Questionnaire and it can be concluded that Ethiopia is in better position in promoting clean sport and ensuring the rights of athletes to compete in doping free sporting environment, he added. ETH-NADO Director-General, Mekonnen Yidersal said that the media forum will provide timely information on doping which is threatening sport, especially athletics thereby bringing about social campaign on the issue. Stating that the globally growing tendency of doping is putting every sports results in doubt, Mekonnen noted that his office is working on including anti-doping in educational curriculum. Ethiopia, which is considered as one of Africa's athletics power house, has penalized 9 athletes for doping and 2 pharmacies for selling drugs related to doping. Mentioning that Abebe Bikila had won the marathon gold medal with barefoot, the Director stressed that Ethiopia is firm and determined to protect its global respect of doping free sports.
Close to 45, 000 Runners Participate at 18th Great Run
Nov 18, 2018 310
Addis Ababa November 18/2018 Close to 45,000 runners participated in Africa’s largest road race, The Great Ethiopian Run, at the capital Addis Ababa today. This year’s 18th Great Ethiopian Run has grown to become a major street festival in Africa attracting thousands locals and foreign tourists every year. On today, thousands people have taken  to the streets of Addis Ababa to take part in Africa's biggest road race, a challenging 10km run at 10,000ft above sea level. On the day, a huge variety of runners from all age groups and fitness levels participated, it was indicated. The Great Ethiopian Run was launched in 2001 by the initiative of the athletics icon Haile Gebreselassie and so far it has held 18 streets runs in Addis Ababa and other towns. The major event under the auspices of the Ethiopian Great Run is annual run covering a distance of 10 km in Addis Ababa and it attracts world class athletes who have made names to themselves in the sports. Foten Tesfay of Mossobo Cement and Hagos Gebrehiwot from Mesfin Industrial athletics clubs, won the 18th edition of the Great Ethiopian Run. The race has made a temporary shift from its usual place, Meskel Square, to Sidist Killo Martyr’s monument due to the 11th African Union Extraordinary Summit, which is being held in Addis Ababa. In the past years, Great Ethiopian Run has created the platform for renowned athletes to come and meet their fans and followers; have a discussion with the media and be part of the color full race. This year’s Great Ethiopian Run has received Zeresenai Tadesse as its guest of honor, following the officially end of border standoff between Ethiopia and Eritrea.  
Half a Million Ethiopians Take Part in GERD Fund Raising Run
May 27, 2018 169
Addis Ababa May 27/2018 An estimated half a million Ethiopians took part in the seven kilometers road race that took place in more than 100 cities today under the theme “I Run for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam”. Some 90,000 residents including, children, disabled, elderly and the youth from the capital Addis Ababa participated in the race and expressed to pursue their commitment until the completion of GERD. The race is aimed at strengthening national consensus and unity towards realizing the completion of the dam besides mobilizing and raising fund. The sale of a pin with the picture of GERD was officially launched with the the message “I have put my fingerprints on GERD." All winners of the race including women, men, and disabled, ranking from 1-3 have received medals from the hands of government officials, renowned athletes and representatives of Ethiopian patriots. Meanwhile, participants who finished the race from 4th to 20th were given a certificate. Some 25 million birr was planned to be collected from selling T-shirts, it was learned. The road race was organized by the Office of National Council for Coordination of Public Participation on the Construction of GERD in collaboration with Athletics Federation and Ministry of Youth and Sports. It is to be recalled that about 760, 000 Ethiopians took part in the last similar road race on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Government officials, prominent athletes, artists and representatives from the elderly attended the colorful road race.
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