Elders Say Irrecha Festival Opened Gate to Peace, Unity


Addis Ababa ENA October 5/2019 Participants of the huge Irrecha Festival, which attracted nations, nationalities and peoples from all corners of the country, said Irrecha festival has opened the gate to peace, love and unity.

The Irrecha festival has been colorfully celebrated in Addis Ababa this morning in the presence of a mammoth gathering drawn from different parts of the country.

An elder from the Sidama Zone, Kassa Addisu, told ENA that such an occasion is a manifestation of harmony that gives lesson to both Ethiopians and foreigners to respect one another.

“When we celebrate this festival together, we demonstrate that diversity cannot separate us. Rather, it strengthens unity among the nations and nationalities of Ethiopia and enables them to live in equality, irrespective of their ethnic differences,” he added.

The other elder, Tadesse Gonisso on his part praised the warm welcome his delegation was accorded from the Oromos, organizers of the festival. He noted that such a gesture helps to enhance people to people relations.

“We are very happy to celebrate this festival with our friends the Oromos, who are contributing toward strengthening the unity of the country and creating forum for exchange of culture, norms and ways of life to Ethiopians,” he stated.

The elderly Meskelo Boke from Kemabata said this is a beautiful ceremony “I want to attend to every year with the Oromos.  I also want to see this festival inscribed by UNESCO.”

He further noted that “the festival bonded many nations and nationalities to open the door to  peace which would help us to bring development and prosperity.”

The Mareko man, Buba Belcha said the festival showed the diversity and unity of Ethiopia.

He added that the spirit of peace and unity witnessed at the festival would transcend Ethiopia  to engulf Africa and beyond.

The Irrecha Festival (Thanksgiving Day) is celebrated annually by the Oromo nation in Ethiopia to mark the end of the rainy season.