Speaker Says Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day Will Cement People-to-People Relations


Addis Ababa September  30/2019 The 14th Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day, which will be celebrated in Addis Ababa on December 9, 2019, will cement the people-to-people relations and used as a forum for appraising the constitution, House of Federation Speaker Keria Ibrahim said.

Briefing journalists today, Speaker Keria Ibrahim said the celebration will further cement the existing people-to-people relations. The strengths and shortcomings of the constitution will also be assessed.

Though the celebration played significant role in showing the identity of each ethnic group, the common values that exist had been neglected. This had detrimental effect on unity among the groups, Keria noted.

The responsibility to organize this year’s Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day is given to Oromia Regional State, though it is celebrated in Addis Ababa.

Oromia Regional Council Speaker, Lome Bedo said on her part the celebration of Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day has been confined to cultural aspects. This year’s celebration will, however, have include economic aspects.

The realization of federalism will also the center of discussion during the celebration, Lome added.

Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day has celebrated in the country since 2006.