PM Abiy Calls Ethiopians to Cooperate, Stick with Truth


Addis Ababa ENA September 27/2019 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed called on Ethiopians to cooperate and stand together for truth and better future, as Empress Helena of Greece did to find the True Cross.

In a congratulatory message he extended in connection with Meskel, a celebration commemorating the finding of the True Cross, Prime Minister Abiy said the unearthing of the Cross is a result of cooperation and desire for truth.

Meskel is a holiday observed by Ethiopian Orthodox Christians to commemorate the unearthing of the True Cross that Jesus Christ was crucified upon by Empress Helena. She considered as an important figure in the history of Christianity for finding the Cross.

Abiy compared the deed of the Empress in searching and unearthing the True Cross with the philosophy of Medemer, synergy that Ethiopians display in Meskel celebrations. The celebration includes burning of a huge bonfire, Demera.

The Demera, made of wood gathered from every household, erect in town squares and open places and burn on the eve of the holiday, to commemorate the method that Empress Helena used to find the exact place where the Cross was buried.

The Premier said Ethiopians has long understood the power of Medemer, synergy, and the Demera celebration is a showcase.

Abiy said Ethiopian forefathers and mothers made Meskel an outdoor holiday for a purpose.

He said they wanted Ethiopians to pursue three things in their life – “it is impossible to bury truth for long time; history could only change through commitment and unity; and localizing a great idea is needed to benefit Ethiopia”.

Abiy said that “the True Cross was not found, neither the first Demera, bonfire, burned in Ethiopia. Even the first holiday was not celebrated in Ethiopia.” However, “our fathers and mother brought it to Ethiopia and make it an Ethiopian.”

Abiy mentioned the fact that Meskel celebration has become a world heritage, to assert the need to localizing ideas to bring success. Meskel is one of Ethiopia’s heritages inscribed by UNESCO.

Saying that Meskel celebration and the way the Cross was found showcase the significance of cooperation and the power of truth, Abiy called on Ethiopians to stick with truth, to cooperate and unified to build a prosperous Ethiopia.