PM Abiy Discusses with Residents of Hosaena


Addis Ababa September 22/2019 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who has arrived in Hosena town, Southern Ethiopia this morning, discussed with residents.

Upon arrival at the Hosaena Abiyo stadium, the Prime Minister and his delegation were accorded warm welcome by the community.

In his remarks to the residents of Hosaena and surrounding towns, the Premier emphasized the need to work hand in hand in realizing a country that treats its citizens equally.

Stating that the current generation is entrusted with the responsibility of sustaining the nation, Abiy stressed “we need to focus on issues that would help to work and prosper together instead of disparity and hatred.”

Appreciating the Hadiya people for demonstrating the MEDEMER principle, the Premier called upon them and residents of the town to focus on laying the foundation for their future by placing their energy on the ways and means of staying together.