Tunisian Business Delegation Eyes Ethiopia as Getaway to COMESA


Addis Ababa ENA September 19/2019 Ethiopia is probably the largest market in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) economic zone, and Tunisian investors are looking up to develop exchanges with their counterparts as well as invest in the country, according to Tunisia Africa Business Council.

Tunisia Africa Business Council President, Bassem Loukil told ENA that well known Tunisian investors in infrastructure, construction material, health, and agro-business, among others, are  assessing the Ethiopian market.

According to him, textile industry is also a big market and Tunisia has been one of the largest textile industries in the European market.

“Now we are looking into expanding the horizon and Ethiopia is probably the key destination for the companies to come and invest here,” he added.

Logistics is also one of the key areas where Tunisian investors desire to be engaged in. “Most of Tunisian companies are looking the Ethiopian market as probably the getaway to neighboring COMESA members,” the president stated.

Bassem Loukil revealed that some of the companies are here to stay, probably to establish a branch office here. “So, all the possibilities are there.We just have to see how we can meet the needs of business communities from both sides.”

The Tunisian business persons on visit have reportedly huge experiences elsewhere, and they have well established business relations. “The investors are here today as Ethiopia is a huge market and because they are serious about the market opportunities in the country,” he elaborated.

The president noted that this is the second delegation in just less than a year; and this alone is an indicator that the investors are serious and interested in the Ethiopian market.

The Tunisian business delegation, which comprised of 25 persons during the last visit, has increased  to 40 within a year in the current round.