Chinese NGO Inaugurates Office in Ethiopia


Addis Ababa ENA September 19/2019 China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), the first Chinese non-governmental organization in Ethiopia, has officially inaugurated its office in Addis Ababa today.

CFPA Executive Vice President, Wang Xingzui said “we came to Ethiopia in 2015 with our partners to implement three projects, namely the Smiling Children School Feeding Project, Wash Project, and Women Economic Empowerment project.”

Since then the organization has raised over 74 million birr poverty alleviation funds and materials that have benefited over 26,970 persons, mainly women and children, he added.

According to the executive vice president, “works of the charity organization has been highly recognized by the Ethiopian authorities, local communities, beneficiaries and donors.”  

China’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Tan Jian said Ethiopia is a role model in achieving the Millennium Development Goals, especially in poverty eradication.

Ambassador Jian pointed out that the message of the opening of CFPA Ethiopia Office today is that Chinese civil societies, in addition to official support, have joined the fight against poverty shoulder to shoulder with Ethiopian brothers and sisters.

Noting that the homegrown economic reform agenda has set out the goal to halve the proportion of people living in poverty in ten years time in Ethiopia, he pointed out that “the Chinese government and people are with you and behind you to support this effort.”

Furthermore, Ambassador Jian added that his government has been encouraging companies to undertake corporate social responsibilities while doing business.

Ye Enat Weg Charitable Association Director-General, Debrework Lulseged commended the effort of the Chinese government and CFPA to alleviate poverty and support the poorest families in Ethiopia.  

She stated that her charitable association is working with local and international organizations  to reduce poverty in the country.

A partner of a few charity organizations in Ethiopia, CFPA is a humanitarian relief and development organization established in 1989.