PM Abiy New Year Address: Nation Set a Foundation for 10-Year Prosperity


Addis Ababa ENA September 12/2019 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on the eve of Ethiopian 2012 New Year laid out a confident vision which set a Foundation for a decade of prosperity.

The Prime Minister made the remark on a closing ceremonial of the nationwide unity day, which was held at the National Palace on Wednesday evening in the presence of President Sahlework Zewde, senior government officials, and several dignitaries.   

On the occasion, the Premier said the 2012 New Year would be a significant juncture in order to determine not only a 10 years prosperity strategy but also pointed out the way of a 100 years’ right track that Ethiopia will enter.  

Ethiopia will exert utmost efforts in this Ethiopian New Year that would enable the nation to join the five African richest countries by 2030, he added. 

Abiy said that the past Ethiopian year brought many opportunities along with challenges lie ahead.

However, the country proved its persistence and it could not be besieged by any hassle. Noting that beside the challenges, the country achieved tremendous fruitful results that helped to halt years of a downhill journey, Abiy underscored.  

Ethiopia is still far behind transforming into prosperity as a strong political economic nation, the Prime Minister said a “new horizon of hope is coming for the people of Ethiopians”. 

Accordingly, the New Year 2012 will be a year of executions that the country will realize its plans in politics, economy and social spheres.  

Dialogue and reconciliation activities would be finalized in addition to the general election that Ethiopia will conduct saying that “the election will lead the country into a democratic nation.” 

He further stated many mega projects will be completed and operational in this new Ethiopian year. 

Articulating that Ethiopians will confront all challenges with the spirit of synergy (Medemer), the so called political economic philosophy he has introduced, and the Premier called on the people to change these problems into opportunity in the New Year.