New Zealand Opens New Embassy Building in Addis Ababa


Addis Ababa ENA September 11/2019 The government of New Zealand today opened new embassy building in Addis Ababa, a hub for diplomatic activities in Africa.

The embassy building was inaugurated in the presence of State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Markos Tekele, Parliamentary Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs of New Zealand, Fltecher Tabuteau and officials from the African Union and United Nations.

Speaking on the occasion, Markos Tekele said Ethiopia and New Zealand have been enjoying a solid historical and diplomatic relations which will always remain in hearts of Ethiopians.

According to him, the relationship is also solidified by opening of Embassy of New Zealand in Addis Ababa in June 2013, and Ethiopian Embassy in Canberra has been accredited to cover New Zealand.

Appreciating the commitment of the government of New Zealand to work jointly with the government of Ethiopia, Markos stated that the country has been partnering with various global development partners to tackle socio-economic related problems in Ethiopia.

The two sides will continue to cooperate on the bilateral relations and global agenda, the State Minister added.

Speaking on the occasion, Fltecher Tabuteau, Parliamentary Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs said the opening of the new office demonstrates growing bilateral relations between the two countries and their hopes for the future relationship.

“Ours is a friendship that has developed over more than 80 years. It goes back as far as 1935 when New Zealand voiced its support for Ethiopia’s sovereignty at the League of Nations,” he said.