Creating Strong Institutions Critical to Viable Democracy: HPR Deputy Speaker


Addis Ababa ENA September 9/2019 Strong and independent institutions are vital to realize sustainable and viable democratic system in Ethiopia, House of People’s Representatives Speaker Shitaye Minale said.

Addressing a half-day panel discussion on democracy today, the deputy speaker said “our long journey has clearly shown that we cannot realize our socio-economic ambitions without democracy.”

Building strong, democratic institutions and maintaining their operational freedom is critical to realize a democratic system, she added.

Stressing the significance of sustainable peace for citizens and ensuring equality in all spheres of social life, Shitaye stated that creating participatory and inclusive democratic system and national consensus will help boost democracy in the country.

According to her, activities are being taken to strengthen justice and administrative institutions so that they can become active actors in building sustainable democracy.

National Electoral Board of Ethiopia Communication Advisor, Soliana Shimelis said the country has started to revise laws and regulations so as to create rooms for more public and institutional participation.

Following the recent reforms in the country, there is better commitment to address critical issues and build democratic, sustainable and strong institutions.

Strong institutions are decisive to avoid past trends of starting everything from zero when new officials come to power, she stated.

Addis Ababa University Lecturer, Solomon Nigusse stated on his part that building  democracy is not optional in diversified country like Ethiopia. Democracy for Ethiopia is a means of realizing its long-term ambitions.

Rule of law plays pivotal role in empowering democracy, he said, underscoring that one cannot talk about democracy without respecting rule of law.