Ambassador Says Ethiopia Keen to Elevate Relations with Egypt


Addis Ababa ENA September 7/2019 Ethiopian is keen to elevate its relationship with Egypt in multifaceted spheres, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Egypt said.

Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Egypt, Dina Mufti told ENA that the existing long-standing relations between Ethiopia and Egypt must be ” elevated to a higher level. We want to scale up all-round cooperation in areas of economy, trade, technology transfer, investment and other sectors.”

According to him, Ethiopia wants to diversify and widen the scope of the partnership to tackle differences and misunderstandings, whatever  nature they may have.

Furthermore, the ambassador stated that they need to build up their capacity to resolve issues related to usage of the Nile River since the countries are drinking from this same river.

“We are talking about equitable and fair utilization of natural resource,” Dina added.

Speaking about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance  Dam (GERD),  he said  “we are talking about becoming a model in mutual cooperation and benefiting each other as well.”

“The negotiation has continued,” Ambassador Dina pointed out, adding that the delegation of Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity will travel to Cairo soon and keep up with the discussion.

He revealed that there are discussions at ministerial and experts levels  which will continue.

“Hopefully we will reach an agreement. This agreement will further solidify our relations,” the  ambassador noted.

The Nile Tripartite Meeting on GERD is expected to be held in the middle of September, 2019.