Nation Reiterates Commitment to Promoting Green Economy: Commission


Addis Ababa ENA September 5/2019 Ethiopia is determined to meet national and international targets on environment, forest and climate change, according to the Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commissioner.

Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commissioner, Professor Fekadu Beyene said the country is “following up the implementation of environment management plan and working on climate change diplomacy” to meet the targets.

“Nationally, our commission is working with government and private institutions to achieve the 2025 plan for resilient green economy and forest development. We are committed to implement international agreements,” the commissioner stressed.

According to him, the country has managed to achieve about 90 percent of the plan in environment, forest and climate change developments, which is better than the last Ethiopian fiscal year.

Ethiopia’s forest coverage is 15.5 percent, excluding the recently planted tree seedlings at the moment. It is seeking to increase forest coverage to 20 percent by 2020 through consecutive plantation initiatives.

In this Ethiopian fiscal year, the commission will give more focus on human resources development and undertaking scientific studies.