Effort in Restoring Peace in Sudan Demonstrates Ethiopia’s Commitment to Regional Stability: Special Envoy


Addis Ababa ENA September 3/2019  The engagement of Ethiopia in restoring peace and stability in Sudan has demonstrated its commitment to stabilizing the region, according to the Special Envoy of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to the Sudan.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Special Envoy Ambassador Mohamoud Dirir said the engagement of Ethiopia in the peace process was “a vital task that has been undertaken with dignity, professionalism and honesty.”

“We have great respect and long-standing historical relationship that binds us with the Sudanese people and governments. Ethiopia and the Sudan are not only neighbors but also share a common destiny that will continue for generations,”  he noted.

Ethiopia did  not go to the Sudan with prescribed solutions, the special envoy said, adding that “what we have done was listen to the people of the Sudan, to their worries, concerns, their  desires and aspirations to realize democracy and peaceful transition to civil administration.”

According to Special Envoy Ambassador Mohamoud, “Sudan trusted in Ethiopia and has genuine feeling that Ethiopia alone could be the mediator that has no hidden interest and agenda.”

Asked about the current Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok,  he stated that ” Hamdok is a man of integrity and a man who believes in the Sudan; and who has continually been engaged in this region as well. He is the right person with the right caliber to take Sudan through this very critical moment of transition.”

Furthermore, he expressed his appreciation to the local community and leaders who have supported them in the process to understand the nuances of the Sudanese contradiction and political conflict.

Ethiopia’s engagement in the peace processes in Somalia and  South Sudan also emanates from the deep understanding the country has about the state of affairs in the region, he added.

The special envoy pointed out that the region passing through a difficult moment has serious challenges of peace and stability, but is a region with great potential in the youth which comprise seventy percent of the population of this region.

Special Envoy Ambassador Mohamoud underscored that the aspirations and ambitions of this generation for democracy is immense and there cannot be stability and economic transformation without responding to this value, without taking into consideration the huge masses of youth.

He added that this is a great force that can transform the region into a better place for the coming generations.

“Engagement in the peace and stability processes in the region is a pivotal part of the foreign policy of Ethiopia,” according to the special envoy.

He added  that the countries in the region should be engaged as partners and as people who share a common destiny at this historic moment.

Special Envoy Ambassador Mohamoud finally stressed the role of the African Union, by stating that “I would not forget also the role of AU and the role of the Special Envoy, Professor El Hacen Lebatt, in the process.”