IGAD Hails Reconciliation, Democratic Governance in Galmudug


Addis Ababa ENA September 3/2019 IGAD Special Envoy for Somalia, Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, Ambassador Mohamed Ali Guyo commended stakeholders in the autonomous state of Galmudug for their commitment to the pursuit of reconciliation and democratic governance.

The Special Envoy underscores the importance of “peaceful, orderly and inclusive reconciliation process to enable the people to amicably harmonize their views and perspectives prior to the Galmudug State election.”

He encourages all the stakeholders to sustain their steadfastness and continued commitment in the spirit of dialogue, consensus and compromise by upholding the interests of the people and the State of Galmudug; and stability of Somalia.

Ali Guyo stressed the importance of democratic, peaceful, free, fair, transparent and inclusive elections.

“Peaceful and democratic election will create impetus for state building, security and development which will ultimately contribute to the attainment of the milestones in the Inclusive Politics and Somalia Transition Plan,” he noted.

The Special Envoy extends his gratitude to the international partners for their unwavering support. 

He further reiterated the commitment of IGAD to sustain the long-standing partnership with the people of Galmudug by accompanying them in their pursuit of peace, reconciliation and inclusive governance that will transform the state of Galmudug.

Galmudug is an autonomous region in central Somalia established in August 2006, but not tried to claim independence as sovereign country.