Ethiopia Promotes Heritages among Diplomats


Addis Ababa August 31/ 2011 An event aimed at promoting cultural, historical and natural heritages of Ethiopia was held last night. An exhibition depicting Ethiopia’s heritages was displayed during the event.

The event organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism was attended by ambassadors and members of the diplomatic community residing in Addis Ababa.

The promotional event held under the theme ‘Culture and Diplomacy’, which was started last year with the aim of promoting Ethiopia’s tangible and intangible heritages to members of the diplomatic community.

It is also aimed at creating opportunity for international organizations and embassies support Ethiopia’s efforts in the sector.

Recalling that Ethiopia is home to a number of world heritages, Minister of Culture and Tourism, Hirut Kassaw (PhD) said the nation is working to safeguard these heritages and develop new ones.

Ethiopia is home to nine world heritage sites that are inscribed by UNSECO, and 52 protected areas.

She said “these heritages are the sign of solidarity, togetherness, identity and Ethiopian decency. They are more than unifying values.”  

“Leading the nation towards democracy, equality, and better development requires more than a set of unifying national values. This is why we are looking for nurturing and preserving our cultural and natural heritages,” she said.

The Minister appreciated the governments of Italy, France and U.S.A for supporting efforts to maintain the obelisk of Axum, the Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela and the Palace of Jimma Abba Jiffar, respectively.

Mentioning the country’s efforts to boost the culture, tourism and sport sectors, such discussion is a step in advancing existing activities and introducing new initiatives, she added.

Resident Representative of UNDP Ethiopia, Turhan Saleh, who attended the event, said Ethiopia has historical, cultural and natural attractions that can be effectively utilized for the development of its tourism industry.

UNDP will continue to look for opportunities to invest strategically in the tourism sector in the future in a way that can help achieve transformational rather than incremental changes, he added.

“There is a bright future ahead, for this sector and for Ethiopia, based on a more favorable enabling environment, strong public-private partnerships, and as well as the active support of the development partners,” the Representative said.