Ethio Telecom Implementing Three Years Strategy to Get ready for Upcoming Developments


Addis Ababa ENA August 30/2019 A three-year strategy, which aims at preparing Ethio telecom for upcoming developments, restructuring the company, and leading the business with competitive mindset, has been implemented beginning July 1, 2019.

Briefing journalists today, Ethio Telecom CEO Frehiwot Tamiru said the company has developed the strategic plan based on the government’s direction to reform Ethio Telecom by digitalizing the market and being competitive.

According to her, this strategy was developed in-house, following both deliberate and emergent strategy development approaches to accommodate a changing reality, considering the nature of the business and the ongoing market reform.

The strategy assumes that, in the first year of strategic period there will not be other operators in the market and no ownership change to Ethio Telecom, she revealed.

Frehiwot further noted that if any change happens in the course of the year, the strategy is flexible to accommodate the changes.

To ensure competitiveness and sustainable growth of the company, the strategy has been developed by considering and reviewing relevant government policies, international best practices and industry trends as well.

The strategy has also focused on addressing ever changing customer demand, digital inclusion to create better digital economy, enhance productivity, and shift the revenue from tradition revenue streams to value added and content driven services, she elaborated.

The company has planned to improve quality of services and service accessibility, network expansion and alternative power solutions in Addis Ababa and regions this Ethiopian fiscal year.

Frehiwot stated that Ethio Telecom has been engaged in multifaceted reform initiatives to bring operational excellence and ultimately ensure customer satisfaction.

The strategy will be further discussed with vendors, distributors, content providers and other stakeholders.