Indonesian Embassy in Ethiopia Celebrates 74th Independence Day


Addis Ababa August17/2019 Indonesian Embassy celebrated the 74th national independence day of Indonesia at its compound in Addis Ababa.

The Independence Day is a national holiday in Indonesia celebrated to commemorate the country’s independence from the Netherlands. It was made a national holiday by the then president Achmed Sukarno, the first leader of independent Indonesia, in 1953.

The day was commemorated with assorted ceremonies including artistic events and award for the persons contributed a lot for the embassy.

Indonesian Ambassador to Ethiopia Al Busyra Basnurn also made a remark regarding the day.

Indonesia was a colony of the Netherlands Prior to 1945.President Achmed Sukarno collaborated with the Japanese military to reclaim Indonesia’s independence from the Dutch government.

Sukarno announced the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence on August 1945, however, fighting continued until 1949.

After weeks of debates, Indonesia was granted its independence and Dutch forces withdrew from East Asia. In August 1949, the United States of Indonesia was founded.

The world’s 4th most populous country with over 300 different ethnic and linguistic groups, Indonesia,  commemorates the day with festivals and events throughout the country that have become cherished traditions.