Youth Urged to Fight Conflict Entrepreneurs


Addis Ababa August 15/2019 Women, Children and Youth State Minister Almaz Mekonnen urged the youth to fight against hatred and misinformation that are perpetrated by conflict entrepreneurs through the social media.

Opening Peace and Unity of Youth Conference today, she said the youth have unquestionable role in realizing peace and strengthening national unity of the country.

Hatred and misinformation which are disseminated through social media have been challenging peace and unity of the country, she added.

The youth are the most vulnerable group to be manipulated by social media, Almaz noted, urging them to reinforce brotherhood and dispel hatred and misinformation.

Ethiopian Youth Federation President Tarekegn Abdujebal emphasized on his part the need to give primacy to peace and unity where the youth are expected to be the primary actors.

He told ENA that hatred and misinformation could not be the challenges to peace and unity of the country if the youth are not manipulated by false information on the social media.

Some 700 youth from across the country have taken part in the conference organized by Ministry of Peace, in collaboration with the Ethiopian Youth Federation.