Foreign Military Officers Laud Training, Warfare Knowledge at Defense College


Addis Ababa ENA August 12/2019 Foreign military high officers of the Ethiopian Defense Command and Staff College have praised the quality of military science and leadership training offered at the upon their graduation.

One fifth of the 100 high officers who graduated last weekend were from South Sudan, Somalia and Djibouti.  

The graduates who talked to ENA said the training has prepared them for the responsibility of higher tactical level leadership and warfare.

From among the graduates, the South Sudanese Colonel Zechariah Riek noted that the college is one of the special training institutions in military science.

The graduate in Masters Program of Science and Leadership stated that the “training is the best   in the African continent.”

According to him, Ethiopia has a properly organized military training approach, doctrine and strategy. The courses and tactical exercise are equivalent to the current modern military training.

“Ethiopia is the House of the African Union, and its military strength is globally known. So this course is the best for Africa,” Colonel Zechariah  added.

Another South Sudanese graduate, Lieutenant Colonel Hazuk Michael said “it is hugely practical and open teaching where students are given chance to negotiate.”

“One thing that I witnessed about the training is you are not expected to do things strictly by the book and the theory. But on how you understand it at the practical level. The lecturers usually tell us military is a practical part of life, please read to understand this critical part,” Lieutenant Colonel Michael elaborated.

He pointed out that the training has helped him has gain knowledge and accumulated  experience that can help to “not only our country but the whole region.”

The Djiboutian Major Ismail Hassan Fourre said on his part “Ethiopian Defense Command and Staff College has helped him to expand his intellectual ability of understanding the national, regional and global security challenges.   

According to him, the college has been providing platform for exchange of views on professional military matters, experience and culture with regional miliary colleagues in the Horn of Africa.

Somali Lieutenant Colonel Niman Yesuf who graduated with masters degree said Ethiopia is an appropriate country for military training saying,I think it is the best place for study, as the country is striving for the right place for military science training that could help the east African region in tackling issues of terrorism.” 

The Defense Command and Staff College graduated last Saturday 100 higher officers, 21 of them foreigners.