Modern Coffee Processing Factory Inaugurated


Addis Ababa ENA August 8/2019 A coffee processing factory built with over 40 million birr, Melange Coffee Roasters, was inaugurated in Addis Ababa today.
During the inauguration ceremony, Melange Coffee Roasters Director of Operations Solomon Kassa said the factory will contribute to coffee trade by exporting value added products of the country.

The coffee processing factory is equipped with modern digital technology which roast 720 kilograms coffee per hour, he added. It has also after burner technology that controls air pollution.

Investment Commission Promotion Director, Aschalew Tadesse said the factory is a role model to other investors.

It is also enhances the export sector by exporting value added coffee products to the international market, the director noted.

Ethiopian Investment Commission will provide the necessary support for further strengthening of the factory, Aschalew stated.

The factory has so far employed 40 citizens.