Foreign Affairs State Minister, UK Special Envoy Hold Discussion


Addis Ababa ENA August 8/2019 Foreign Affairs State Minister Hirut Zemene held discussion today with UK Special Envoy for the Red Sea and the Horn of Africa Julian Riley.

According to a press release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she said Ethiopia has been  playing constructive role in maintaining peace and security in the Red Sea and Horn of Africa region.

Hirut stressed the belief and practice that differences should be discussed and lead to change and not to conflict.

Pointing out Ethiopia’s long-standing principle of non-interference in other countries domestic affairs, the state minister said “this has resulted in gaining trust from both governments and oppositions and pursue mediations in collaboration with AU and IGAD.”

UK Special Envoy Riley appreciated Ethiopia’s contribution to the agreement reached in Sudan and the support in Somalia based on principle. “This shows that Ethiopia is a key country in the Horn of Africa and Red sea region,” he added.

Riley further stated that his government supports the efforts underway to strengthen lasting peace and security and mutual development in the region.